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Keywords…. Keywords Everywhere! But How And Why?

By Kelly Culver | 1:25pm 21/05/2015

Keywords... Keywords Everywhere!

Keywords are an essential part into getting your content found on search engines, but it’s difficult to know what keywords are relevant in your industry and how to use them.

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Ways To Recycle Your Old Content

By Kelly Culver | 5:44pm 20/05/2015


In the world of small business and one man bands, it is often hard to keep finding new content to keep your audience engaged. But never fear, I’m here to tell you how to make the most out of your content.

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How To Source Images For Social Media Posts

By Kelly Culver | 5:54pm 19/05/2015

How To Source Images

The best way to get more views on a post or tweet on Social Media is to add an image. This gets the post seen in the noise of our audiences timelines.

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7 Tips For Content Marketing

By Kelly Culver | 6:24pm 18/05/2015

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the best type of marketing for any business and a lot are doing it without realising. Here are some tips to get the most out of your content marketing.

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No time to blog?

By David Shaw |


So you think you have no time to blog? Really?

No time is a common excuse for not blogging, one I hear the most. I think the truth is actually you do no think its that important. Harsh but true?

Maybe you know you should blog and maybe you want to and even enjoy it, but it never gets to the top of the list? It is not just blogging either it’s any content production.

There is an awful lot of content out there already, but most of it is promotional selling content. It may be the case that in your industry there is very little content?

Either way it does not matter, it is important that you demonstrate your expertise and be the best teacher in your industry. If you do not answer the questions of your prospects a competitor will and that’s fact.

When you understand that your prospects and in some cases your customers are searching for answers to their questions about your product or service you should want to be the company answering them right? It could be a blog or it could be a video. Whatever works best.

For every question you don’t answer you could lose that prospect as they will hit the back button and look for someone who does give them the information they want.

With this in mind creating content to answer these questions should be a priority in terms of lead generation and lead nurturing. It also establishes you and your company as leaders in your industry.

What will happen if you don’t do this? Quite simply other will and by the time you realise its how people are buying today you will be so far behind.

I know it may not seem so important today and dealing with your customers seems more important. Also maybe business is going great and you don’t need any new customers?

But what will happen if something better comes along or another company does the same for a better price? This is why producing content for your customer us equally as important.

As for no time? Well you don’t say the same thing about payroll do you? You find or make time right? So how can you not find an hour a week or even every 2 weeks to educate and inspire your customer and prospects?

Maybe dictate a blog post on your phone and get a programme to write it our for you? Maybe you could just switch your audio recorder on and record 10 mins each week and post as a podcast? There are many ways to produce helpful and useful content but saying you dont have time is not an excuse, it because you don’t value it.

Virally’s Intro To Digital Marketing Course

By Kelly Culver |

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Here for another round, we are holding another short Digital Marketing course where we will focus on content marketing through blogs and we will have HaxMedia covering video. Refreshments will be available on the night as will opportunities for networking.

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What is missing from your content strategy

By David Shaw | 11:45am 14/05/2015


So what is missing from your Content Strategy?

We spend so much time, money and effort creating great content for our prospects and customers we want to make sure it gets to all the right people and as many of them as possible right?

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Much Ado About Data

By Kelly Culver | 4:08pm 12/05/2015

2015-05-12_16.04.08New technology has given us marketers access to a huge amount of data about our audience and customers, however it must be used in a responsibly way or we risk destroying the trust that surrounds a brand.

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Banner Ads – How And Why

By Kelly Culver |


Online display advertising is a common form of internet marketing and can be very effective when done correctly . Banners are on most web pages and are often a nuisance, sometimes not. They can be as just pictures, text, video, audio and more recently, rich media. Rich media is enhanced media that utilizes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content for active participation from the recipient of the ad.

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A Quick Guide To Facebook Marketing

By Kelly Culver |


The algorithm that Facebook uses irritates me because it’s constantly changing (much like Google’s) and Facebook is powered by marketing, so of course paid adverts take the preference. However, saying that, they are doing that for the users benefit. It stops users being filled with product based posts rather than something more resourceful, but as a marketer I don’t like it.

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