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Inbound Marketing – What is it?

By Kelly Culver | 3:36pm 28/01/2015

What exactly ISĀ Inbound Marketing?

Since 2006, inbound marketing has been the most effective way of marketing for businesses. Inbound marketing is creating great content to draw in your customers rather than buying email lists and not getting a response from many. The four actions Inbound Marketing companies take are Attract, Convert, Close, Delight. These represent what a company should be doing to bring in more customers.

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Why 3 is the magic number with ebooks and whitepapers

By David Shaw | 2:41pm 23/12/2014

Number Three on golden platform over black background

We all know the value of creating great content. Ebooks and whitepapers are a great way to educate your prospects and customers with your thoughts and ideas of how you can help them.

The golden rule is the more value you value you offer the more you give away the more leads you will generate. The more you pitch and try and sell, you may generate some leads but maybe not the right kinds.

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Why you should write an ebook

By David Shaw | 2:38pm 12/12/2014


An ebook is an amazing way to generate new leads for your business. Its a free download that educates and inspires your prospects.

Prospects today are researching products, services and people more than ever before, and by publishing some useful and helpful content in a short and convenient PDF is a great way to start a digital relationship.

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More leads for your ebook or whitepaper

By David Shaw | 5:42pm 05/12/2014


Some feedback recently from a few prospects is that it was still not 100% clear what Virally did and how it added value to you and your clients. So forgive me this article is a little self serving it that I want to explain exactly what it does.

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What is next for content marketing?

By David Shaw | 12:36pm 26/11/2014


Content marketing is no different to any other form of marketing in that there will always be poor examples of how not to do it.

Advertising is not bad per say, its bad advertising that is the problem. You could say the same for re-marketing and SEO, when these things are not done to add value to your prospects and customers journey they are generally annoying and spammy.

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What does my little pony have to do with marketing

By David Shaw | 11:08pm 13/11/2014

My_Little_Pony_logoDo you know who your audience is? With so much of the buying process taking place on-line its not always apparent exactly who we are talking too.

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Is there a skills gap in the boardroom?

By David Shaw | 3:19pm 29/10/2014

skills gap

Having recently done some more public speaking and chatting to small business owners at various events it seems that there is still a long way to go for digital marketing.

I think it’s one of those similar situations to cloud computing, people say they understand what it is but do they?

There is still a real challenge in convincing business owners the value in investing in digital.

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Is re-targeting creepy?

By David Shaw | 5:37pm 16/10/2014

I have been pondering this thought for a while. I see the value of re-targeting its a really good way of re-engaging prospects that have not completed a transaction on our website whatever that transaction may be.

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Leads and sales is what business owners understand

By David Shaw | 3:37pm 07/10/2014

As marketers our job role is evolving daily. From new social media platforms to new technologies and markets the world is getting more and more connected and more and more complex.

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Video – How does Virally Work

By David Shaw | 11:44am 23/09/2014