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How the buying process has changed.

By David Shaw | 4:28pm 22/04/2014


The internet has changed many things about our lives and none more so disruptive that the way we now purchase pretty much anything.

We used to rely on sales people and trade shows in the B2B world to learn about the latest and greatest.

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Digital Mindset

By David Shaw | 12:51pm 25/03/2014

digital mindset

I keep seeing companies applying old rules to new technology.

How many people do you see using social media as a sales broadcast tool spamming feeds with “buy my stuff” messages? Or websites that are online brochures screaming “me,me,me,me”.

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Digital In Kent

By David Shaw | 5:09pm 07/03/2014


Kents biggest Digital Marketing event takes place again this year in The Orchards, East Malling

9:15am to 5:15pm

Wednesday 26 March 2014

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Free Digital Marketing Training in Kent

By David Shaw |


After the success of the first digital marketing training we have decided to do it again on the 24th March.

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Free Marketing Software

By David Shaw | 7:32pm 03/03/2014


Virally Small Logo

So with a matter of weeks to go before we re-launch Virally I thought it would be a good time to explain what’s new and how it’s going to be charged.

We have redesigned the campaign creation so anyone with zero knowledge can create a landing page and start collecting leads in minutes.

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Why landing pages are important

By David Shaw | 2:25pm 17/02/2014


Landing pages are important for lots of reasons but first off if you are not sure what a landing page is check out this blog here!

Still here? cool!

Landing pages are designed with one thing in mind “Action”.

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So what exactly is Virally?

By David Shaw | 1:32pm 10/02/2014



Virally is a cloud based tool that allows small business marketers and digital agencies the ability to generate potential leads using your valuable content.

When i say content i mean brochures, whitepapers, event guides, sample chapters, ebooks, spec sheets and anything in a PDF format.

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Blog like you’re playing Flappy Bird

By David Shaw | 3:17pm 31/01/2014


If you don’t know what flappy bird is

where have you been?

It’s an annoyingly addictive and popular game that is taking app stores by storm.

The aim is quite simple fly your little bird through as many gaps in the pipes as you can.

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What is a landing page?

By David Shaw | 6:16pm 28/01/2014

Virally analytics

Again this blog is aimed at non-technical people who are looking to get the best out of tools such as Virally and other marketing tools.

So a landing page is essentially a web page that contains specific information.

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Why Virally is great for authors

By David Shaw | 3:57pm 20/01/2014


The Launch!

Launching your book is a daunting process, after months and in some cases years of work, sweat and tears its hard to know if the launch is the end or just the start.

Getting the word is out is of course easier today than it was 5 years ago. Social media has given everyone a voice and a platform.

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