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Great quality content is the key to leads

By David Shaw | 5:11pm 24/04/2015


Ebooks whitepapers and blogs and in fact any kind of content are a key asset to business and have been for quite sometime. But like most things in marketing poor marketing ruins a good thing.


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The Link Between Content And SEO

By Kelly Culver |

Content is a very important factor in getting a high ranking result on search engines, yet people often overlook this.


For search engines, the word content means words and a lot of them. Media isn’t included as far as search engines are concerned and it doesn’t affect your ranking. It is possible to be high ranked in a search engine with little words and lots of pictures and if that’s the case, Kudo’s to you! However, in general, content-rich sites are what rank highest.


Find target keywords that your competitors overlook

By this, I mean see what random things your audience searches for to do with your product or service. If you are a local business like a lawyer or a shop, localize your focus keywords with the city or town names, Lawyer In London for instance. Go onto WordTracker and see what is being searched for in your sector and see what variations there are. Incorporate spelling mistakes as quite often people spell things wrong in a search engine.

Create Libraries Of Content

I understand business find it difficult to produce content, and when your competitors have hundreds, sometimes thousands of pages of content it’s often hard to compete. Find articles that are to do with your sector and summarise them on your website, whilst posting a link to the original source. This is covered under fair use copyright, as you are not claiming as your own. Always link back to the original owner as otherwise it would count as plagiarism. While you’re doing this, why not ask the article writer to link back to your website in return? It’s beneficial to you both.

Review products or services that are in your area, like me for instance. I say my opinions on Buffer, Sprout Social, Canva, PicMonkey etc. Put plenty of keywords into your reviews and summaries, you never know, one day people might send you free stuff to review.

Answer Your Audiences Questions

Every question you have ever been asked to do with your industry is a blog. While, at the time you probably gave a shorter answer, you should elaborate deeper on the subject. If somebody wants an answer to a question they literally type it into a search engine and see what comes up, which is why Yahoo Answers and Ask are so popular. Having a blog increases your SEO substantially when updated regularly.

Product Information As Content

If you are distributing another companies products, contact them direct an ask for any materials that you can use on your website. As long as you have permission you can fill your website up with plenty of content and all it took was an email or two to get it. This can be technical information, brochures or press releases. Quite often press releases have no copyright and are widely available.

Remember, you want content that has your keywords in it, otherwise it is quite pointless. If you are a business selling candles, you want keywords like candle, scent, wax, relaxing, aroma as well as the scents that you sell etc. 



Don’t Make Your Brand Bland

By Kelly Culver | 12:43pm 23/04/2015

Don't Make Your Brand

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Researching Your Market

By Kelly Culver | 11:29am 22/04/2015

Researching Your Market

Market Research is a vital part of the marketing mix, as well as being just as important as sales. If you don’t know who your target market is how do you expect to get paying customers? To develop a rich customer profile, you must research the behaviours, demographics, psychographics and geographics of your market.

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Why content marketing is here to stay

By David Shaw | 11:28am 17/04/2015


Some marketing fads come and go. New technologies have and will continue to disrupt the buying process and make things easier, simpler and faster.

While print is slowly declining it will not die, there will always be examples of where it can and will be effective. Other types of marketing such as advertising again may be declining or at least evolving but one form of content marketing is here to stay…content marketing.

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So…. How’s Your Social Media Etiquette?

By Kelly Culver | 2:45pm 14/04/2015

How's Your Social Media Etiquette-

Social Media Etiquette, a lot of people don’t quite understand what they should and shouldn’t be sharing. I’m all up for sharing about your lives and what you’re up to, but there is ways it should and shouldn’t be done.


Being ignorant on social media is one of the worst things you can do, it’s called social media for a reason. Many companies, when they get a tweet from anyone they completely blank it and this is NOT the way you should be treating your customers. It is pretty self explanatory, but a lot of people overlook it. They feel like because they have a fairly large following there’s no need for engagement, but there is always need for engagement. Have a chat, let your audience know that their voice will be heard too.

Don’t Air Dirty Laundry

Your private life is for your own private social media accounts, but even then it’s not acceptable all the time. Nobody wants to see or hear about yours or your colleagues grievances. Keep your arguments to yourself, keep upbeat and professional. There’s nothing worse than going onto somebody’s profile and seeing down posts or an argumentative employee.

Link Things Correctly

When putting links into your posts, keep them relevant and when you reshare old content that isn’t yours, make sure the link is not broken and works correctly. Not only is having a broken link pointless but it looks unprofessional, it looks like you don’t care about the content you share and you’re only doing it to get more of an audience.

Don’t Be A Spammer, Ever

Nobody likes spammers, so why do it? There’s no need to post constantly and annoy your users with useless content, just like there is no need to hijack somebody else’s post just to advertise yourself. The best way to advertise yourself on social media is to create conversations with anyone, yhat doesn’t mean search the hashtags and send people links to your website. This is the same for pictures of events. Nobody wants to see 600+ pictures of the same 3 hour event, pick out the best ones and only post them, and where possible, organize into an album. People won’t sit and click through lots of pictures but if they see there’s only a few, they are more likely to.

Don’t Pay For Followers

It might look great having 10,000 followers to you, but if people look through those followers (and a lot often will) they can see that they are clearly paid for followers. You don’t want just anybody to follow you, you want people in your target industry to see your posts. Building an organic audience through content and conversations is key here as you can connect with like-minded individuals.

Keywords, Keywords Everywhere!

I could easily spam this post with loads of keywords so people can find it easier on Google etc but what’s the point? People can tell when you are trying to game the system, and trust me, Google bots know too and will penalize you. Use keywords where appropriate. Even just using your industry’s terminology can get you a lot more views through search engines.

Don’t Force Yourself On People

Think of social media as going on a date… When you first meet someone and get to know someone you don’t force yourself onto them do you? If you do, well I’m pretty sure it only went to that first date. Don’t oversell and think of your audience as window shoppers, what would they like to see at first glance? Direct sales went out of the window a while ago, its more about pulling your audience in rather than pushing yourself at the audience. At least you know the people who are following you actually want to see your content.

People seem to forget that the internet is a public platform and any information can be spread around the world in seconds. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your family or boss to see. Even if your profile is private, people are still able to take screenshots and share them around. Be careful about what you post, and think to yourself whether you would be happy for it to go “viral”. If you’re not too sure, don’t post.



What Actually Counts As Content?

By Kelly Culver | 12:28pm 07/04/2015

What counts as content?

What Actually Counts As


The world of content is very vast and there’s plenty of room to get creative in the content you produce.

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Is The Force Against You?

By Kelly Culver | 9:40am 31/03/2015

Untitled design

Have you ever wondered why you’re getting thousands of visitors but nobody converting? Or why people have added items to their shopping cart but then left the page? Then maybe something is using the force against you.

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The Pros and Cons of Social Sign-in

By David Shaw | 4:56pm 26/03/2015


If you are not 100% sure what Social Sign-in is? It is using your social media profiles as a tool to login somewhere or create an account or for us at Virally we use it for gaining access to content.

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The Beacons of Gondor in Marketing

By Kelly Culver | 5:02pm 25/03/2015


Aragorn: The Beacons of Minas Tirith! The Beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid.

You may think I’m being irrelevant putting Lord of the Rings quotes into a marketing blog. But if you’ve read my others you should know by now I like my movie quotes. And for those who don’t know what the Beacons of Gondor are, I’ll explain.

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