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Is re-targeting creepy?

By David Shaw | 5:37pm 16/10/2014

I have been pondering this thought for a while. I see the value of re-targeting its a really good way of re-engaging prospects that have not completed a transaction on our website whatever that transaction may be.

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Leads and sales is what business owners understand

By David Shaw | 3:37pm 07/10/2014

As marketers our job role is evolving daily. From new social media platforms to new technologies and markets the world is getting more and more connected and more and more complex.

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Video – How does Virally Work

By David Shaw | 11:44am 23/09/2014

Video – How to create a Virally Landing Page

By David Shaw |

Are Marketing Budgets Keeping Up?

By David Shaw |

Its quite clear that more and more money is being spent on marketing and in particular marketing technology.

In fact it was in 2012 that Laura Mclellan from Gartner predicted that by 2017 the CMO will spend more on tech than the CIO.

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Why technology is key to your content strategy

By David Shaw | 2:10pm 05/09/2014

technology insights

When it comes to great comedy timing is everything, it can be the best joke but if it’s delivered all wrong it’s just not as funny.

The same can be said for your content marketing efforts; deliver the wrong message at the wrong time and it just won’t be as effective.

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Why marketing is more important than sales

By David Shaw | 3:02pm 28/08/2014


Touchy subject this one, but one i feel compelled to address.

I firmly believe that marketing companies and agencies have an amazing opportunity to be had in the near future and this is because marketing is more important than sales.

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Why good content is not enough

By David Shaw | 5:36pm 31/07/2014


The internet has changed many things from destroying and creating entire industries to changing the way we live our lives.

One of the things that has changed the most and yet most small business owners are yet to understand is how the buying process has changed.

We now have access to an unlimited amount of information and that has lead to people researching everything they buy.

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ROI for content marketing

By David Shaw | 4:14pm 22/07/2014


That old debate of Return on investment (ROI) will get applied to everything and anything in business and rightly so. Business owners and investors alike are not in their fortunate positions without asking these kinds of questions daily.

So as a modern marketer sometimes a lot of what we do does not directly lead to sales per action we take.

This is why lots of business owners struggle with social media and content marketing.

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New feature – Email Notifications

By David Shaw | 2:27pm 21/07/2014




Its exciting getting a lead right? Someone who maybe is interested in learning more about your product or service.

You want to jump on it right away like a fish on a hook right! Well with this in mind the next feature of Virally is about to Launch.

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